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OBMI Temporary License FAQ’s

Who can get a temporary license?

A student in a radiologic science program who is on track to graduate within 5 months.

What restrictions are there to working?

A radiologist or registered RT must be in the building and accessible should you need help. You cannot get paid for clinic hours, so do not be clocked in for school and work. Your hospital or educational program might have further restrictions.

When do I need to renew?

Temporary licenses are valid for 6 months. When you take your registry, you have 30 days to submit your credentials to OBMI for a permanent license once you receive them.

Can I work at multiple hospitals/clinics on a temporary license?

Yes, you can either add multiple locations in your application process or add “Places of Business” from your account page.

What do I need to apply for temporary license while I am still a student?

The applicant portal will guide you through the steps, but you will need: the signature of your program director; the signature, full name and credential, and license number of the supervising physician; the address(es) of the facility you are hoping to work at – you do not need confirmed employment.

Created by OSRT Student Members with help from OBMI Investigator/Advisor Thomas King!

Through this position I’ve been able to get a better understanding of how the board works and it’s purpose of representing us as techs. As students, we are constantly learning, but being a part of the OSRT has taught me more than I could have expected. I’ve been able to meet and make connections with other techs and students that I otherwise wouldn’t have had the chance to meet.

Elisabeth McDowell, OIT Class of 2025 and 2023 OIT Student Liasion

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