How can students be involved in the OSRT?

The OSRT student board member acts as a voice for students in the state while learning who the OSRT is and how it works. The Student Board Member is included in society committees and produces the annual Skiagram Newsletter! Applications open in the fall and a student board board member serves from January to January.

2023 Board Member:

Amanda Olson, PCC

Student Representatives attend the OSRT annual meeting each year in the Spring for a discounted rate. Student Reps get the chance to meet students in other programs, network with working technologists, and attend the continuing education events at the annual meeting. The number of Student Rep spots varies year to year, keep an eye out in February when annual meeting registration opens!

22 Students in 2023!

The ASRT Student to Leadership Development seeks to mentor students to become the next affiliate program board and committee members. SLDP students get to travel to the annual meeting, this year in Reno, Nevada and serve for 3 years. Applications open in the fall each year.

2023 SLDP Representatives:

Abby Sadowsky, LBCC and Ryan Jones, OIT

Why should I become a Student Member of the OSRT?

  1. Meet other students and make lifelong connections to future technologists from all over the state
  2. Be informed of legislative updates and learn how to take action
  3. Network with working technologists and Diagnostic Imaging Departments
  4. Represent your school in board meetings and share student voices
  5. Coming Soon: Get a discounted voting membership after you graduate!

As the Student Board Member I was an active and valued part of the OSRT board; designing the Skiagram, volunteering for the Mammography Conference, and developing the OSRT’s social media. It developed my public speaking skills, allowed me to network with other technologists, gave me ideas to improve my leadership committee back at school, and opened up employment opportunities after graduation! I am so thankful I submitted that application video and attended the annual conferences!

Taylor Balfour, 2023 PCC Graduate and 2022 Student Board Member

Educational programs in Oregon for RTs:

Bachelor of Science in Radiation Therapy

Bachelor of Arts or Science in Public Health: Health Services Administration

Student Liaison: Desiree

OSRT Student Members:

Student Members at the OSRT Annual Meeting 2023: Let the Adventure Begin! in Lincoln City, OR

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