OSRT is the only state professional association for Radiologic Technologists of all modalities in Oregon.

OSRT membership provides many benefits for technologists who want to be informed and connected through their profession with others in the field. Perks of membership include: reduced cost CEs, opportunities to network with other professionals in various capacities, member updates regarding important changes that affect R.T.s and our patients in Oregon and across the nation, plus here’s a few more good reasons:

OSRT membership includes subscription to the SKIAGRAM, the official publication of our profession in Oregon. The SKIAGRAM includes information regarding educational opportunities, legislative issues affecting our profession, etc.


Your membership helps grow our numbers which is essential in standing up against proposed changes that will affect how we perform our work. It shows we have a united goal and gives our involvement more validity and strength. This is incredibly helpful when we meet with local legislators about proposed amendments or laws. Membership in OSRT provides the opportunity to hear from and be heard by other medical professionals, which can directly influence the profession of radiologic technology.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education opportunities have occurred routinely 3 times a year in person… until 2020. In October, we were able to provide our first virtual CE opportunity. It was a success and we hope to have more virtual learnings in the near future. Registration fees for all CE events are lower (in some cases even free) for OSRT members of any level.


OSRT membership provides multiple opportunities to connect with other professionals. Networking can be an incredible advantage of membership in any professional society. These interactions open the door for possibilities that might benefit your life in ways you couldn’t imagine. We can’t help but create community as we work together.