Strategic Plan 2021-2024

In June 2021 a group of five dedicated OSRT volunteers gathered for a working weekend to evaluate our progress as an organization and solidify our goals moving forward. The result was the following strategic plan document which names our priorities and outlines the work of OSRT over the coming years. Many thanks to those who gave their time and energy toward this project!

Rad Tech Week Raffle Winners

Congratulations: A. Knapp, M. Silvius, L Kaplan, J. Sedory, S. Weiss, D. Nielsen, D. Pham, E. Nelson, N. Buckman, V. Lindley, A. Ellis, J. Lu for winning an item from our raffle!

Congratulations to PCC for winning the Student Video Contest! Thank you to all schools for entering in, each video was a delight to watch. The Techs in our state appreciate your kind words.