OSRT January Board Meeting Minutes – Draft

Saturday, January 15th, 2021

  • Call to Order 9:30am
  • Introductions / attendance – Matt McLinden, Abbie Berman, Lori Sahlin, Jennifer Clayton, Bart Pierce, Barb Smith, Sydney Kasner, Bobbi Bailey, Don McDonnell,Tom Manseau
  • Approval of Minutes – Approval of Minutes from October 2021 Board Meeting. Abbie made motion to approve Oct minutes, Jennifer seconded, motion carried.  Minutes approved as written.
  • Self-Study 2021/22 – going well, Sydney passed on info from class to her managers and they are translating mammo dept letters into Spanish for patients. Bobbi updated us all on memberships gained from this – 17 over 2 months.
  • Annual Meeting –  Abbie: do 6 hour 1 day webinar and then roll out 6 self-study CEsduring the year, but would be a lot of work to roll them all out at once and track all the quizzes and certificates.  Barb suggested reengaging with Diamond Lake for this fall, Don mentioned the fires issue.  Group to consider if we have the bandwidth or if the pandemic will allow usto meet in person at all this year.  Do we want to spend volunteer/admin person-hours to organize an event just to have it get cancelled?  Matt brought up idea of Portland Spirit and sternwheeler on the Columbia as event venue.
  • Mammography Meeting 2022 –  Mammography meeting will be held separately from the AM, can push mammo webinar to end of May or June if need-be.  Bobbi question about mammo event – who is in charge, is there going to be a meeting about it, suggested maybe Katharine and Bibiana may be willing to help.  Move mamms CE webinar to October to match up with breast cancer awareness month, and give meeting organizers more time to work on it.  Sydney would like someone to help with Student Action Committee if she’s going to work more on mamms event.  We should send out an FYI to mamms past attendees to let them know we are moving event to October.  Mammo committee tentative Sydney, Bobbi, Bibiana, Abbie, Matt – meeting soon.  Looking for speaker referrals too. 
  • Bylaws – Bart – Global changes to our bylaws, since we wanted to do changes and we also merged in the ASRT bylaws changes at same time.  Major changes of note: added legislative associate membership level under non-voting members category, also changed around to model ASRT bylaws so future updates will be easier.We changed some verbiage about our officers to match ASRT (got rid of 2 immediate past presidents).  Added emergency bylaws section after running by state of Oregon.  We have to send out new bylaws to members at least 30 days in advance of AM. Sydney has calendared to send bylaws out along with nominations email to members.  Lori provided the bylaws document to Sydney for review, it will be shared out to the group after this meeting.
  • Strategic Plan Update  Bobbi – We rolled out Rad Tech Week and cultural competency course and may shift now to mission statement update.
  • Calendar Update  – Monthly calendar to stay on top of tasks throughout the year.  No new items for this update but let’s keep it on agenda to maintain.
  • Financials/Executive Administrator Update – Group reviewed budget versus actual for this fiscal year.  We will look different financially because we aren’t doing live events.  Statement of activity – we make more money on the virtual & self-study CE since there’s almost no costs for those.  Financial position statement – checking $15679.53, savings account $81281 – account doing well.  Jen requested 5-year snapshot so we can look at revenue/spending. 
  • Committee Reports 

a. Student Action Committee – SDLP Selections – Sydney Taylor Walters from PCC, committee loves her, already drafted the skiagram.  Committee meeting coming up.

b. Legislative Committee – Jen – OBMI meeting next Fri 1/21 so maybe more to share after that; regional/national meetings surrounding the great resignation and the burnout that’s rampant currently.  Expressed the lack of covid support from management, and lack of recognition in media and national articles.

c. Website/social media/Marketing Committee – Bobbi – bar graph from WA showing increase in membership numbers, excluding student numbers, per month from Jan – Dec 2021.  We increased our membership by 63% during the year.  Website going well (Matt), Matt has done website search optimization to help OSRT show up. No report from Susan Putnam but job posting

d. Nomination Committee – Matt pres elect, Sydney as sec/treas, past pres role is empty (Lori not filling), looking for VP – looking for VP

  • Board member check-ins. None.
  • OPEN FLOOR – Jen – board should vote on proposed wage for Lindsay’s replacement ($45-50/hr).  Abbie made a motion, Don seconded, motion carried.Exec admin search committee discussion – let’s leave job post open until Friday 1/21 then do interviews next week after that.  Lindsay has said she’d be available into February to help with transition/training/answering questions.
  • Adjournment time – 10:52 am

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