OSRT October Board Meeting

Oregon Society of Radiologic Technologists
Board Meeting Minutes

Saturday October 16th, 2021
Zoom Meeting


Don McDonnelBarb SmithJennifer Clayton
Abbie BermanBobbi BaileyBart Pierce
Lindsay HarrisLori SahlinTodd Schoonover
Matt McLindenDesiree MillerSydney Kasner
  • Call to Order – 9:33am
  • Approval of Minutes – Approval of minutes from June 2021 Board Meeting
    • Motion to approve minutes Approval – Abbie Berman
    • Second motion to approve minutes – Jen Clayton
  • Approval of Minutes – August 2021 Board Meeting
    • Motioned by Sydney Kasner
    • Seconded by Abbie Berman
  • ASRT Affiliate Delegates Due by 1/31
    • Abbie Berman
    • Jen Clayton (Alternate)
    • Sydney Kasner (Tetative)
    • Don McDonnell (Alternative)
  • October Virtual Meeting Recap – Turnout was great, 69 total attendees, there was some confusion for members as the zoom process changed since the last virtual meeting. Most everyone was satisfied. We do need one more person for tech support to help Matt. Abbie will be sending gift cards to the speakers.
  • Rad Tech Week Promotional Plans – 7 items for the giveaways, a free CE study, items range from $2-300, need to put out a social media blast.
  • Annual Meeting/Mammography 2022 – Abbie will reach out to Kathy Heape regarding possible speakers for the mammography conference. We need to possibly invest in some webcam and video equipment
  • SLDP Student Action Committee Report – Desiree – Rad Therapy Program @ OHSU, Jason Eyle Alternative, consider possibly letting ASRT choose next year.
  • Bylaws – ASRT updated bylaws in June, we are waiting on the final review of OSRT bylaws from ASRT.
  • Reports –
    • President – No Report
    • Vice President – No Report
    • President Elect – No Report
    • Senior Board Chair – No Report
    • Board Chair – No Report
    • Executive Administrator – No Report
    • Financials – Need to move the membership price back to $50 in January
    • Strategic Plans Update – No Report
    • Student Action Committee – No Report
    • Legislative Committee – Presented by Jen Clayton
    • Website Committee – No Report
    • Social Media Committee – No Report
    • Calendar Update – Lori to send out updated calander
    • Virtual Meeting – Considering gift for volunteers, $250 in financial policy, keep in consistent
    • Nomination Committee – 3 People: Sydney Kasner, Jen Clayton, Don McDonnell
  • Open Floor – No Discussion
  • Adjourned @ 11:19am

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