OSRT August Board Meeting Minutes

Oregon Society of Radiologic Technologists
Board Meeting Minutes

Saturday August 14th, 2021
Zoom Meeting


Don McDonnelBarb SmithJennifer Clayton
Abbie BermanBobbi BaileyBart Pierce
Susan CastanetteLori Sahlin
Lindsay Harris
  • Call to Order – Lori Sahlin 9:31am
  • Introductions – Introductions from above attendees
  • Approval of Minutes – Approval of minutes from June 2021 Board Meeting
    • Motion to approve minutes Approval – Abbie Berman
    • Second motion to approve minutes – Jen Clayton
      • *We were unable to approve anything base on not having a quorum of board members*
  • Financial Policy & Procedure Manual – Lindsay presented, Bart had already reviewed and sent some suggestions for edits, Lindsay to edit and sent to board members.
  • ASRT Compliance Update – Everything was sent it to ASRT as of this board meeting date, they accepted the financial policy & procedure draft.
  • October Virtual Meeting 2021 – Speakers are almost finalized, registration will open the 1st of September, everything is on track and Matt and Abbie are preparing the post card.
  • Annual Meeting/Mammography 2022 – Reach out to Kathy Heape in hopes of helping with mammography speakers, Lindsay to send Susan Castanette the contract between OSRT and Mt. Bachelor. They do have the space to accommodate both meetings
  • Bylaws – Bard sent to Jason at ASRT for review.
  • Board Duty Matrix – Lindsay to update matrix and planning calendar
  • ASRT Affiliate Development Program – Final Progress report, Lori to finish and sent to Jen for review
  • On Demand CE’s – Abbie and Matt to facilitate a soft launch for this and see how it goes.
  • Reports –
    • President – No Report
    • Vice President – No Report
    • President Elect – No Report
    • Senior Board Chair – No Report
    • Board Chair – No Report
    • Executive Administrator – Taxes are completed
    • Financials – Lindsay presented the statement of activity, not many changes
    • Student Action Committee – No Report
    • Legislative Committee – Presented by Jen Clayton
    • Website Committee – No Report
    • Social Media Committee – No Report
    • Marketing & Membership Committee – Bobbi presented the marketing & membership report
  • Open Floor – Discussed ASRT delegate duties
  • Adjourned @ 10:49am

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