OSRT June Board Meeting Minutes

Oregon Society of Radiologic Technologists
Board Meeting Minutes

Saturday June 12th, 2021
Zoom Meeting


Don McDonnelBarb SmithBarb Boylan
Matt McLindenBobbi BaileyJennifer Clayton
Abbie BermanLori SahlinAmy Rouse
Sydney KasnerLindsay Harris
  • Call to Order – Lori Sahlin 9:31am
  • Introductions – Introductions from above attendees
  • Approval of Minutes – Approval of minutes from May 2021 Board Meeting
    • Motion to approve minutes Approval – Don McDonnell
    • Second motion to approve minutes – Abbie Berman
  • Strategic Planning Meeting – Abbie Berman presented the OSRT Strategic plan from the meeting that was held on June 5th. It includes, Introducing a new mission, membership development, legislative development, and management, which includes updating the policies and procedures, suggesting that a board member look at the books in a more cursory manner, tightening up the roles. These goals would be ideally farmed out to the different committees. Bobbi read a letter from Bard as he was not in attendance. We need to get/understand committee chairs to determine who is doing what to facilitate the strategic plan. Discussed the chair committees and possible change in back end and website.
  • Mammography Meeting 2021 – Bibiana sent in a report for the meeting as she was not in attendance. Matt presented the report. We had a few issues with registrants understanding how to use ZOOM and the emails that were sent out for the talks. We had to field a lot of those calls but overall, it went well. We sent a survey to the registrants; overall people we satisfied with all the talks. They are interested in doing in person meetings next year, 62% said they would be interested in doing to Bend and combining the annual meeting with the mammography meeting. A lot of people are still interested in keeping the webinar as an option. Lindsay to reach out to Bibiana to see if she would be interested in combing the meetings. Lori to look at bylaws to assure that we can combine the two meetings.
  • October Virtual Meeting 2021 – We are doing 6 credits and Abbie is going to be looking for speakers. It is scheduled for October 9th, 2021. Abbie to investigate some directed talks to help techs get some of their needed topics.
  • Annual Meeting 2022 – Meeting in Bend at Mount Bachelor, possibly to be combined with the Mammography meeting for 2022. Bobbie volunteered to be the chairperson for the annual meeting 2022.
  • ASRT SLDP Applications OPEN July 1st 2021 – Post on social media the week that application open. Hoping to get a lot of applicants.
  • Reports –
    • President – No Report
    • Vice President – No Report
    • President Elect – No Report
    • Senior Board Chair – No Report
    • Board Chair – No Report
    • Executive Administrator – Lindsay to send a check for scholarship fund to OIT, Katie already reached out. Lindsay to check schedule and get back to Barb and Susan to come to the office and clean out the OSRT office boxes.
    • Financials – Lindsay presented a profit and loss by class; the virtual meetings cause us to have better margins as the cost of doing the meetings is much lower than the cost of doing in person meetings. Lindsay to investigate the history of the membership to how it has changed the last three years. No changes on the balance sheet, the statement for the portfolio account has not come out yet
    • Student Action Committee – No Report
    • Legislative Committee – No Report
    • Website Committee – We have implemented a change log for the website. Functionality of WORDPRESS is great
    • Social Media Committee – We have surpassed 1,000 likes, please continue to send her ideas and suggestions.
  • Open Floor – ASRT Leadership Academy is accepting applications. We need to figure out a different option for drop box as it is very expensive and only allows for 3 people to access at a time. Lori, Lindsay, and Matt to research another option. Abbie and Jen to be the delegate
  • Adjourned

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